College Sex

Sitting on the bed in her dorm room, the topless young woman selected the “Consent” option in the university’s dating app on her phone. A small ticking timer, still green, confirmed she had responded within the required ten seconds of the half-naked young man who was sitting beside her doing the same.

They watched the results appear on the monitor above her door, one of several thousand monitors that had been placed in all dorm rooms. The Geolocating Electrosonic Orientation & Regulation Governing Exchange, or “George” for short, had been the flagship project of this year’s student government association. It had received strong financial support by the university administration since it allowed students to easily receive or submit a variety of information from cafeteria menus to acknowledgements of sexual consent.

After a few seconds the large green “thumbs up” symbol appeared briefly as a visual cue that their consent agreement had been registered, then the default screen saver reactivated and launched its scrolling news feed displaying random campus announcements.

At that point, the lovebirds grinned, dropped their phones, and resumed undressing each other.

“Oh, Seth,” the college girl moaned as she cupped his balls. His breathing quickened as he tore open the condom packet.

“May I now enter you, Sheila?” he asked, his voice raspy, his breathing fast and shallow.

She stopped moaning and lifted her head to look him in the eye.

“God, do you have to do that?” she asked. “It’s so…creepsters.”

“Yeah but the honor code,” he said. “I’m not sure if that part still applies since George, but I’m the potential rapist…”

Sheila sighed audibly and rolled her eyes. “Yes, Seth. You may now enter me.”

Seth began thrusting as Sheila’s head dropped back to her pillow, her eyes drifting across the ceiling to the screen above her door where random announcements scrolled across George.

A campus police warning popped up, a high-resolution close-up bank security image of a suspect in an armed robbery. A sound loop was included of the man growling instructions to the bank tellers on the off chance a random citizen might see and hear the alert and recognize his deep, gravelly voice.

“Give it up,” he was saying. “I want it all.”

Sheila lifted her pelvis slightly and gazed lazily at the screen through half-shut eyes while Seth continued thrusting and pretended not to notice.


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