Sweet Sixteen



“Missy, stop squirming!” her mother said firmly. “We have to get these alterations right or the dress will never be ready in time for the party this weekend.”

“This is stupid,” the girl said. “Just look at me,” she said as she twirled around. “It’s this body that makes me a woman, not some dumb sweet sixteen party.”

“Oh…poo!” her mother replied. “It’s a tradition in this family, in this society! And it’s an honor, so stand still and let me finish!”

“Ugh,” Missy replied as though she were sticking out her tongue, which her mother actually did in response.

“Almost done,” her mother said as she pinned up her sleeves.

“But does Dad have to be there?” Missy asked. “Really?”

“He’s still your father,” her mother reminded her sternly. “No matter how things have changed. It’s an adjustment, sweetie. For everyone.”

“I just want it on record that I hate my life and everyone in it. And I need gas money, Mallory.”

“That’s still “mom” to you. Okay, all done,” she said cheerfully. She retrieved her purse and returned with a twenty-dollar bill in her extended hand.

“That’s it?” the girl protested. “Where am I supposed to go, the mailbox and back?”

“That’s it,” Missy’s mother said matter-of-factly, then turned and walked to the kitchen as Missy slammed the front door behind her.




Mallory Martin leaned against the kitchen island and listened to Missy start her car and drive away. Then she picked up her phone. She smiled when she saw the new message indicator. It had been so long.

“God, Mal,” the message from Rick read, “I can’t wait to see you again. To touch you. Feel you.”

“Me too,” replied Mallory, typing furiously with her thumbs. “What happened after Jenna’s sweet sixteen was like a dream.”

“For me as well.”

“I’ve been wondering if it even happened at all,” she replied.

“Oh it happened,” Rick assured her. “Twice.”

Mallory grinned as she read the message. It was followed by a yellow emoji winking with it’s tongue sticking out. She replied with the same emoji, then typed, “Still on for later?”

She watched the screen expectantly. It seemed forever until he replied with the purple eggplant. She squealed, and giggled.

“God,” she said out loud as she put the phone down. “I haven’t acted like this since my own sweet sixteen.”




A few hours later, Mallory stood at the sink rinsing dishes and handing them to Missy to load in the dishwasher.

“It’s getting dark earlier,” Mallory remarked to her daughter.

“I guess,” Missy replied, then, “I’m supposed to go over to Jenna’s, to study, remember?”

“Yes, I remember. But only Jenna’s, nowhere else,” her mother said.

“I know, god, you treat me like such a kid still,” Missy returned sarcastically.

“Oh I know,” Mallory said good-naturedly. “I’m just such a hot mess.”

Missy rolled her eyes. “Keys?” she demanded.

“On the hook,” her mother replied. “Back by eleven. You still have a curfew and I expect you to follow it. Maybe try coming back early for a change.”

“Whatever,” Missy groaned and, walking through the den, grabbed the keys and slammed the door, duplicating her earlier exit.

Mallory exhaled strongly and patted her chest when she heard the door slam and the car start. She could barely keep from sprinting upstairs to her bedroom. When she got to the master suite, she lay down and let her head sink into the pillows as she unlocked her phone screen and saw a message was waiting.

“You around?” the message from Rick read.

“I am,” replied Mallory.

She slid her hand inside the front of her yoga pants and began touching herself. She was surprised as how wet she was already. When the picture of Rick’s slim torso tapering down to where his cock hung from his groin, she grinned and typed, “Somebody shaved. He looks bigger without his clothes on,” she teased.

“Then you’re going to love this,” his return message read.

Again she watched the screen and began rubbing her clit vigorously inside her yoga pants, his second dick pic–erect this time–popping up in her chat screen just as the phone rang. She looked at the screen. It was Rick!

“Oh you’re a bad boy,” she said, answering, her hand still moving rhythmically inside her yoga pants. She was involved in the conversation, her eyes closed. “Since all the changes with Danny, well, I thought I didn’t need a man anymore but, well, the moment you put your cock inside me at that party–”

A sudden, brief, unexpected shout broke her sensual reverie. When she opened her eyes she saw a very tall blonde woman with somewhat masculine features in a yellow sundress standing in the doorway to the bedroom.

“What the fuck!” the woman shouted. “Mallllorrryyy!”

“Oh, god!” Mallory cried out as she quickly ended the call. “Oh my god. Danny I–”

“You took his cock!” shouted her husband. “Who was that? Who the fuck was that? You agreed to this!”

“Why aren’t you at your sister’s?” Mallory asked.

“Flights were canceled. Weather. Rescheduled. Goddammit. Goddammit!”

“Oh Danny, I’m so sorry, I’m so–” apologized Mallory.

“Danielle, dammit. It’s Danielle!” Danny whined, slumped over, defeated, hands on knees. “The hormones. The surgeries. And you’re…chasing dick again? How could you? How fucking could you?”

Danielle’s voice dwindled to a whimper and Mallory was already unable to speak. They were both hyperventilating in unison, trying to catch their breath between deep, anguished sobs when they heard their daughter’s car in the driveway, the front door slam shut.







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