Editing and Web Services


If there’s one thing I’ve seen that independent, self-published writers need, it’s better editing–particularly proofreading, copy editing, and line editing.

I’m not throwing shade at writers because I am one, too, so I know that editing your own work can be a nightmare, especially for book-length works, long articles, dissertations, and professional proposals.

For some reason I have a Master of Arts degree in English as well as professional experience as a college writing teacher, published writer, freelance editor, and as a technical writer/editor. I’m also hitting twenty years as a professional software engineer, technology executive, project leader, product developer, and general code monkey and survey jockey. I’ve helped launch and run several successful online products, businesses, and companies, and have personally written or produced pitch decks, annual reports, and technical manuals.

I even enjoy it–most of the time.

Now I’m here to work specifically with self-published, independent writers and ensure they release or, as needed, pitch the best possible manuscripts. I can help with electronic publishing and web presences/marketing as well.

Why split your focus and energy when you should be applying it all to your ideas and storylines?

I’m based in the United States and guarantee my work.

Let’s talk about it: nick@nickaugust.xyz